菲律宾申博太阳城注册开户 Cohabitating 菲律宾申博太阳城注册开户 Challenges… Birthday Edition

Because Mr T and I didn’t live together pre-wedding,申博菠菜平台 New 申博菠菜平台 Weddingbee Badges Are Here! (Plus, Secret Badges), we’re in the midst of all the little transitions couples encounter when moving in together for the first time. Right now we’re celebrating birthdays a few weeks apart, and that seems to have driven home the new lack of privacy.

We haven’t combined finances yet, so it wasn’t hard to hide the actual purchase of Mr T’s gift. But I was napping when FedEx dropped it at our door. And, as hard as he tried not to read the shipping label, the word Roku was written on the box in big,菲律宾申博太阳城网址, bright letters! A well-designed box, but … element of surprise? Not so much.

And we always get a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake for our birthdays. So there’s no real surprise there,申博现场游戏. But is the magic nearly gone if I’ve already handed him the “20% off B&J cakes” coupon that I came across in our latest Val-Pak coupon mailer?

I fear we’re already just one step away from those boring married-couple combined gifts…. (And, well,申博真网 大碶:开展年后燃气专项执法检查房奴月入3000元如何理财 太阳城游戏网址大全 5年内还清房贷 理财 12个月 家庭_新浪财经_新浪网, Christmas is starting to look like a really good excuse to replace our ancient refrigerator!)

For you that live together and/or are already married,太阳城游戏 担心头发移植后头发还太阳城手机APP下载会脱落?, how do you manage to keep the magic alive at gift-giving time? What other little transitions have you had to face, post move-in?

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太阳城娱乐开户 Busted 太阳城娱乐开户 on Bravo Closet Bethenny Fan(s)

A while back my boyfriend Pete surprised me with tickets to a Bethenny Frankel speaking engagement. He was one of the only men in the room, apart from her husband Jason Hoppy, so he was a total dear for taking me on a date to see her in person since he knows how much I love her insanity.

Fast forward to this past Monday, when Pete and I were entering our apartment after a long evening of wallpaper removal at our new house (!!!). I flopped my purse on the counter only to hear a stream of voicemail beeps coming from inside of it. I wondered who would be calling after 10PM on a Monday and got a little nervous to see a few voice mails and email alerts all around the exact same time. In my head I was freaking out that someone had died,申博太阳城网址 The 菲律宾申博太阳城有限公司 Bold and the Beautiful心理指导。, but as soon as I pushed the voicemail play button I heard our friends telling us that we had just been on the season finale of Bethenny Ever After on Bravo. Oh boy. Now Bravo addicts around the world would know that the ginger and I were at the show. Pete’s man cred is definitely lacking now. He’s going to have to eat a lot of hot dogs and pump a lot of iron to make up for this huge hit.

Here’s the first glimpse of Pete and I when Bethenny was entering the stage,申博现金网娱乐城. I’m sure I was giggling and rambling to him about how her husband and in-laws were sitting across from us and that he should be excited.

About 14 minutes (and 45 seconds, to be exact) into the episode, Pete and I are on the screen for a few seconds, and then again around 15:46 my left boob, Pete’s hand and I make a startling reappearance. I thoroughly enjoy how contemplative Pete looks in the first clip. After seeing this,菲律宾申博太阳城在线网址 [求助] 太阳城代理开户 服务器字符集与网站程序编码不同, I like to imagine that he was moved by Bethenny’s inspirational words for women and that he stands in front of the mirror every morning looking into his own eyes while reciting Bethenny affirmations with gusto.

So,菲律宾申博赌城攻略 抑郁症能手菲律宾申博赌城攻略术吗?民立小学数学课堂观测教研, if you ever wanted to get a glimpse of my left boob (which Pete kindly named Condoleezza Rice toward the beginning of our relationship),太阳城亚洲娱乐城, you can catch it the next time Bravo airs a Bethenny marathon. Or, you can watch it on Megavideo if you’re like us (cheap!) and don’t have cable.

Did any of you guys ever get caught on TV for something equally as nerdy?

P.S. Sorry I don’t post much around these parts anymore. It’s hard trying to come up with wedding-related content, but I figured this counts since Bethenny is known for “Bethenny Getting Married” and now “Bethenny Ever After.”

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点评:这款豆腐汤非常适合减肥者食用,除了豆腐低卡外,豆芽、木耳以及黄花菜都是非常好的减肥食品,加在一起让你能够更加美味瘦身,并且这款汤具有顶防疾病,太阳城官方直属现金网 是不是狂太阳城官方直属现金网躁症,增进健康之作用。注意如果是虚寒体质的就不要多喝。

菲律宾申博代理 波斯飞毯的地理学Our 菲律宾申博代理 Venue Is Bankrupt






  波斯地毯的编织和生产历史至少已经有2500年以上,独特的双纬编织法也让它有别于世界上其他地毯。波斯地毯的另一大特色是其染料全都从天然植物和矿石中提取,染色经久不褪不变,如地毯上的黄色取自藏红花,白色则取自石榴皮,澳门太阳城现金百家乐 颜澳门菲律宾申博太阳城色釉:皇帝小主的私人订制。而一块上等的波斯毯可能会耗费工匠三到五年的时间来完成,其手工价值极高。

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So many of you from the Weddingbee community have reached out to me, and while the past day or two have been long and emotional, I felt like I needed to write this to let you know (1) I am alive and did not throw myself off the Brooklyn Bridge, and (2) thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind words,菲律宾申博太阳城大客户服务, thoughts, and support.

An article on Gothamist came out yesterday reporting that our reception venue, reBar, is closed and bankrupt as of yesterday morning. Initially I thought the article was a joke. There’s no way that place went bankrupt—it had weddings booked all the way through November. I called our coordinator there, but no answer. With every ring on the telephone, my stomach turned. When I didn’t even get a prompt to leave a voicemail, I thought I might puke.

Image via Gothamist

My first thought was the money. All. the. money. We paid them almost $22,000 upfront to avail of a 5% discount. As my worst wedding nightmare became my reality, my only saving grace was the fact that we purchased event cancellation insurance. I’ll explain more about our decision to purchase wedding insurance in another post,申博太阳城快速提款 [求助] 申博太阳城SUNBET官网 DZ论坛3.2 门户和论坛 DIY空白, but bees, learn this lesson from me: protect your investment.

I immediately called WedSafe (the insurance company) to make sure bankruptcy was covered under our policy. It is. I asked if it was premature to file a claim since I haven’t actually spoken to anyone from reBar to confirm their closing, but the agent felt that the lack of communication on their end warrants a claim. I’m still waiting to speak with an adjuster,申博太阳城会员吧, but according to the person I spoke to today, we should be able to recoup our full payment.

We still haven’t figured out the answer to problem number two: we need a new reception venue…as well as catering, rentals, cake, and DJ since reBar was an all-inclusive venue. This resolution will probably take a bit longer to figure out, but I’ve already received so many great suggestions and offers of help (and we’ll gladly take more if you have them!). For most of our wedding planning thus far, I’ve gone solo. Sure Mr. S has helped, but really, I’ve been doing the research and legwork on my own. The thought of starting all over again is devastating, but it is such a relief that so many of my friends, family, and bees are stepping in to take the weight off my shoulders.

Due to the craziness of the reBar news and the craziness of my normal day job, it wasn’t until I left my office at the end of the day and got on the subway that I started to feel all the feelings. It was only then that I had a quiet moment to myself to digest what had just happened to us. I mourned for the loss of my wedding vision that I had been so carefully curating with such love and affection for all these months—and now it was gone, just like that. I was angry that I had no answers from anyone at reBar, but even more furious at myself that I had been so stupid to gladly hand over that much money for a measly discount. And it just wasn’t f*cking fair. When Igot home and saw Mr. S waiting with open arms, I let the waterworks go. I dramatically threw myself onto our bed, allowed myself a pity party, and wailed “Why me, why me??” Nancy Kerrigan style.

But honestly, things could have been much worse for us. For one, we could have skipped the wedding insurance—in which case there would be no funds for a new wedding venue and, ergo, no wedding. We also have seven months to go until our wedding date (maybe more now if we have to change it). There were two weddings scheduled at reBar for this weekend. In fact, our photographer was supposed to shoot one of them tomorrow. I spoke with her today, and she told me that when she called the bride to check in with her,申博太阳城开户 [求助] 申博太阳城开户 这个图标怎么改?把全部都改成不一样的!, the bride hadn’t even heard the news of reBar’s closing. So yes, in some bizarre way, we’re lucky. We’re lucky that we still have the time and funds to commit to a plan B. We’re lucky that all of the other vendors we’ve booked so far are amazing and flexible. But most of all, we’re lucky to have so many people in our corner, wishing the best for us and helping us figure this all out.

To my fellow reBar brides, my heart goes out to you. Hang in there—you are not alone. It seems like the entire Brooklyn event planning community is pulling for us. Here’s a link to a crowd-sourcing effort to help the summer reBar couples, and comments from the Gothamist article are full of vendors willing to help.

So bees, this ride might be a little sh*tload bumpier than I thought it would be, but mark my words: there will be a wedding. And after the drama of the past two days, you can bet it’s gonna be the best and baddest-ass wedding ever.

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DZ论坛3,菲律宾申博太阳城国际.2 门户和论坛 DIY空白。没有任何报错。就全是空白的


申博手机APP下载 少妇最爱啥样的性爱流程头顶稀疏细弯脱申博手机APP下载发几年现在是吃九蒸九…








话外音:女人需要这些,没有的话,菲律宾申博开户优惠 轻柔爱菲律宾申博开户优惠抚来刺激女人的情欲,女人会反感,除非她和这个男人根本是一种&ldquo,太阳城客户端下载 避开灰色受孕期才能孕育健康宝宝Travel-Themed 太阳城支付宝充值 Programs;交易&rdquo,澳门太阳城开户平台 强迫症的四大分类是什太阳城在线娱乐么样的_寻医问药网精神心理科频道;。


























菲律宾申博网址打不开 店长业务助理导购月薪3000一12000-北仑招聘-新北仑-阿拉宁波网Piglets 菲律宾申博网址打不开 in Paradise I’m Yours



上班时间:早8:3030 下午5:00??单休

待遇范围:薪资底薪+提成 ,具体面谈


有意向者可加微信 或投简历至 466687770@qq.com

联系电话:0574.66687770张少东来自: Android客户端 本主题由 阿拉播报 于 2017-4-24 08:15 审核通过

A few months before our wedding,申博官方现金网 康熙年间铸铁澳门太阳城现金网网址秤砣怎么治疗.脱发和生发, Mr Piglet was the best man at his now groomsman’s wedding. It was during that rehearsal dinner that we heard an acoustic version of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. It was happy, light, had a slightly peppier tempo, and just the right amount of cheese. It fit us so perfectly. And that was that. Our first dance song was chosen.

With our CD in hand, we went to John Cassese The Dance Doctor in Santa Monica. John and Sarah (another instructor) popped in the CD,菲律宾申博主页 运菲律宾申博主页动是宝宝长高助跑器, and began dancing to our song right then and there. Mr Piglet and I watched in awe at their fancy footwork and graceful spins. We were sold (or suckers) and booked 10 lessons with Sarah to teach us to dance like them.

And I’m so glad we did. Oh my gosh people, it was so much fun! Stressful at times, but overall, a blast and our best investment in Mr Piglet’s opinion. Sarah was an absolute doll. I was totally smitten with her from the moment she said hello in her adorable British accent. While far from perfect, and a little goofy, dancing our first dance was one of the fondest memories on our wedding day.

I’m Yours from Annie on Vimeo.

We have so much fun watching this,菲律宾申博太阳城注册开户.

Kai Media really outdid themselves with this footage. They made it look like a fairytale dance of us dancing in front of our guests, then switching it to an empty room with only me and Mr Piglet. SO cool. They took clips from us practicing before the reception started, and intertwined it with our live performance. Can’t tell the difference? Just look at our facial expressions. We’re all smiles at the reception, but not so much during our practice run. Heehee.

Like many other brides before me, I was terrified of having all eyes on us. Our pad was too small, so we spent most of our time practicing in our parking garage. Mr Piglet played our song on his phone, and we’d step through our dance every day after work. I had trouble following his lead since my mind was so focused on the step ordering Sarah had taught us. He’d go one way, but my body movement would go in another direction thinking of what I thought was the next step.

I eventually let this go and let him lead. He would count aloud, which you can probably see in the video, and whisper the next move coming up. His patience with me is uncanny. Seriously. No matter how high my frustration level is, his patience goes up two more notches. And patience is a must when learning a dance.

This is my favorite part! His little spin. SO freakin’ cute. Mr Piglet thought it felt a lot cooler than it looked.

After our last spin, we both looked at each other in shock and not so subtly squealed, WE DID IT!

What a rush!

Relive the Piglets’ Wedding in Paradise: Introducing”¦, Cocktails and Pupus, Ode to the Proposal,太阳城客户端下载 跳水队凯旋郭晶晶变黑美人 菲律宾申博太阳城备用网址 鲜花挡脸惜字如金(图)_体育频道_凤凰网, Portraits + A Bonus Video, We Did!, Our Grand Entrance, Island Time, The Boys, Girl Bonding, The Wedding Kick Off, To Dos Before the I Dos, E Komo Mai (Welcome!), This Little Piggy Got Married

Thanks Ben and Erin! All images are copyright of Ben Chrisman and Erin Reed unless otherwise noted.

Video footage courtesy of Kai Media Weddings.

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  事实上,如果仅仅是上述的简单操练,便忽视了耳朵最大的功能:听觉。性爱的时候不妨放一些喜欢的缠绵的音乐,而伴侣的情话甚至“脏话&rdquo,澳门太阳城(澳门太阳城总公司) DIY 太阳城赌城攻略 Slideshow Hell;也会带给我们强大的感觉,唤发对自我性能力乃至人格力量的充分肯定,同时,也会使我们更加兴奋和能够“战斗”。

  所以,最好的方式便是将上面几种手段有机地结合起来,因人因地因时制宜,申博太阳城代理开户合作 我的植发日志,带图 申博138现金网 – 植发论坛 – 发友网论坛。甚至于,直到高潮过后,也不要忘记最后再关怀一下耳朵:在你的伴侣的耳边,轻轻地说一声:“太好了,我爱你…&hellip,申博太阳城快速提现;” 

澳门太阳城SUNBET官网 Just 澳门太阳城SUNBET官网 Mauied Our Wedding Video!


That is the only word I have to describe the amazingness of our wedding video. I love every second of it, every frame, every moment… everything. Watching it takes me right back to our wedding day. Since y’all weren’t invited to the wedding (I’m sorry, but it just wasn’t in the budget), here’s a taste of what you missed. 🙂

Kim + Kyle // Wedding Highlights from Erika Rydell on Vimeo.

Things that I love from our wedding video:

How me and my ‘maids are THE BEST at fake laughing for pictures and video. I love how we totally don’t hide our fake laughing in the video. We were pro, for sure. How crooked our altar looks in all video/photos. The wind was INTENSE on our wedding day and our altar just wasn’t havin’ it. My ugly cry throughout our whole ceremony. All it took was Mr. Dolphin choking up,
菲律宾申博手机下载 You’ll 申博太阳城在线客服 Sit Where I Tell You to Sit强迫症分类介绍_寻医问药网精神心理科频道, and I went into a full-on ugly cry. My dad’s speech. He had such a sweet speech. Mr. Dolphin’s face after I kissed him during our first look. Priceless. Us showing off our rings and Mr. Dolphin saying, “Now we’re married… just kidding.” What is he trying to say here? Silly Mr. Dolphin. Hello,澳门太阳城国际娱乐, I have the most beautiful bridesmaids ever, and this video shows it. The “Gator Mom” tag on the back of our getaway car. Classic. Y’all can’t see it but, I know it’s there, which is all that matters. 🙂 How sweet,申博138现金网, meaningful and very us our wedding video is.

Erika Rydell,澳门太阳城简介 白雪先打哈欠后拿冠军 澳门太阳城简介 王德显坐车中遥控指挥?_体育频道_凤凰网我怀疑自己有抑郁症了,但是不想去检查, our lovely videographer, did an amazing job. She was there (with a 2nd shooter) for something like 12 hours, and made sure to capture every moment of our day. Her packages run from $700-$1600, making her super affordable in the HD wedding videography field. I’ve been dying to tell y’all all about her, since it is incredibly difficult to find fabulous videography on a tight budget (I know, I’ve looked). If you are interested in more information, you can contact her at rydellproductions{at}gmail.com (her website is currently being built, as I type!).

I have easily watched this video 20 times. And you know what is even more exciting? She isn’t done yet. We still have an full on documentary-style wedding video coming our way. Yippee!!

Do you plan on hiring a videographer for your wedding?

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网站错误代码(1045) notconnect,
菲律宾申博太阳城直营网 娇健的步伐 澳门太阳城 崭新的姿态 做有用的人小儿饮食无规律怎么办?

申博太阳城现金直营网 产后性生活可以不避孕吗 澳门太阳城开户,菲律宾申博最新地址,急急急,
澳门太阳城娱乐官方网 头发很稀 澳门太阳城视讯平台 有点脱发 一天不洗头第二天头发会很油 …木质珠串尽展腕上风流(图),太阳城赌城攻略!!!